Our passion for coffee traces back from our humble beginnings in the 90’s. We are a family owned business that caters for the most demanding palates among coffee drinkers in Arizona. Our goal is to give you and your loved ones a unique experience by introducing you to an amazing array of products made of coffee beans that hail from exotic locations around the world. From our family to yours, we promise an outstanding coffee product that is backed up by decades of experience in the industry as well as extensive research. Our approach to help you discover and understand your coffee palate is simple: we carefully select coffee growers and partners that share passion and sustainable production practices, we then establish stretch connection ties with them in order to closely control and monitor the proper harvesting at the plantation level, and lastly, we deliver the final product in your hands.

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One of the best challenges of a Roastmaster is to craft an amazing espresso that pleases a crowd. Primo is designed using natural coffees for sweetness and results in sweet chocolate notes bold aroma and smooth floral finish. African, Central American, South American single origins of Borbon and Typica, natural process, raised wooden beds.

Roast Degree : 17%
Green coffee screen size : 17/18
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


This single origin from the Boyo region in Cameroon is obtained by small farmers and processors working in the team effort to craft one of the best coffees in the planet.

Roast Degree : 14%
Green coffee screen size : 18 and larger
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


This single origin coffee that is dried in cement patios come from a farm called “Blocol” that means “colinas” in a regional Honduran dialect. Mild acidity and candied orange licorice from Borbon and Caturra varietals, washed.

Roast Degree : 17%
Green coffee screen size : 17/18
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


This coffee is well known in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska is obtained by slow roasting coffee enough to be able to grind as most grinders are not designed for grinding white coffee. The flavor is unique and unlike roasted coffee. Produces an intense beverage full of caffeine and super citrus flavor. Central American and African blend, washed Caturra varietal.

Roast Degree : 10%
Green coffee screen size : 17
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


One of the most difficult roasts to perform occurs when you take the best coffee to the darkest and oily side of coffee without incurring in over roasting. This sharp and super caramelly coffee inspired by the European tradition of Belgium chocolatiers. Mexico, single estate Tres Hermanos, of Typica beans, natural process.

Roast Degree : 19%
Green coffee screen size : 16/17
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


Our main concern when we roast decaffeinated coffee is to finish our coffee to be as close to the flavor of regular coffee as possible. We take our decaffeinated Blend to a smooth finish by roasting past the point of caramel. Colombia or Brazil Caturra and Mondo Novo coffee variety, washed process.

Roast Degree : 18%
Green coffee screen size : 15/16
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


Since our inauguration in 1996 the first question made by our customers is “what is the best coffee you have?” The answer usually is most definitely our House Blend. We call “this” our Signature Roast. Roasted not to the point of caramel it has the most flavor inside the beans and that is why it may seen Dry in appearance. You will love the mild Citrusy flavor and Bright mouth feel. Washed Central American and Caturra coffees.

Roast Degree : 15%
Green coffee screen size : 17/18
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso


A third generation single estate coffee produced in the highland villages called Kirinyaga and Kangundo. This coffee has the cleanest and mildest acidity. Dried in cherry form and hand selected this natural coffee is Sweetly and lyrically bright. Peach, tangerine, vanilla, rose-like flowers, hints of musk and fir in aroma and cup. Sweetly and richly tart acidity; syrupy, lively mouthfeel. The peach, tangerine and rose notes carry into a pleasingly tart finish. Grown by people that have the real taste for Kahawa Chungu.

Roast Degree : 13%
Green coffee screen size : 18 and larger
Suggested brew methods : drip , espresso, french press and cold brew


Cortez Coffee has been a leader in the coffee service industry for more than 15 years.


We offer hands-on green coffee workshops that cover all the aspects behind the transformation of green coffee into roasted. We will extend our knowledge and experience so you may roast our high quality green coffees at the comforts of home.


Throughout the years we have supported the best independent coffee houses in Arizona and have been instrumental on some of them becoming successful coffee companies. If you are considering being part of the industry, we can mentor you in all aspects of it: from equipment purchasing and maintenance to barista training.


We sell and repair the most recognized brands of home and commercial coffee brewing equipment in the valley.


Coffee enthusiasts will experience the love and lessons of coffee and will develop a relationship with the local roaster in the neighborhood. You will learn easy, quantifiable and predictable approaches about coffee education.

Meet The Owner Ron Cortez

Coffee is what makes me a complete person. Coffee is a product that has provided a canvas to express my creativity and the one of many others on my team. Coffee has become an obsession of mine that could become the passion of my children. Cortez Coffee has grown so much since the 90’s that is now also the opportunity to make a difference in the life of many of our collaborators. We now can say that the best coffee in the world is produced around the world but roasted in Arizona. The best part of our story still in the making, follow us!

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